Our Belief
No matter how old we are, everyone wishes for a healthy and happy lifestyle. We believe professional weight management and skincare can provide the key to one’s health, confidence and charisma. These, in turn, provide the basis for a positive outlook in life and help bring our most important desire - happiness! With these in mind, MENCE has always been committed to delivering effective body and skincare treatments by investing in the latest innovative technologies since 1980.
Our History
MENCE was founded in 1980. Over the past 40 years, MENCE has successfully transformed over 100,000 clients and helped them achieve a younger appearance, as well as a more balanced and healthier body. MENCE was named as “Asia’s Leading Men’s Skincare Center” by <TIME> Magazine. Our leading position in the weight management and skincare industry is demonstrated by frequent coverage in the media and the receipt of numerous awards and accolades.
MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP)
MENCE has pioneered the patented healthy weight loss technology - MNOP. MNOP uses high-tech equipment to stimulate muscle growth and reduce excess fat in the safest, most effective and comfortable way without causing any fatigue or injuries to the body, leading to improvement in not only your body weight and shape, but also your overall health. MNOP achieves muscle gain through “passive exercise” which is deemed to be more effective than conventional exercises and workouts. It reduces both the number and size of fat cells, providing a long-lasting result with a low risk of rebound. Scientifically proven in its effectiveness for muscle gain, weight loss, lowering BMI and improved health, our MNOP can help you achieve your ideal body figure with ease!

MENCE offers a variety of options to accommodate your personal needs, including programs to build specific muscle groups, and we provide flexibility with respect to the frequency and duration of treatment sessions based on your personal schedule. Accompanied by our diet recommendations and suitable exercises, you can easily achieve a toned body in the most convenient, time-saving and comfortable way.
Create-Six-Pack (CSP)
Create-Six-Pack (CSP) utilises technologies designed to increase muscle density to help each client achieve a toned six-pack with maximum comfort and safety. In addition to improving the metabolism of the body, the CSP program can build multiple muscle groups simultaneously, saving time for individual workouts that can only build one muscle group at a time.

After a precise body composition analysis, along with a review of your daily routines and diet habits, we will provide a recommended program that best fits your needs and targets, such as the percentage of fat to be reduced, the muscle groups to be built, the required frequency and duration of the program. You will enjoy a highly personalized service that is convenient, time-saving and comfortable.

By following our unique diet recommendations, not only can you avoid starving yourself, but you can also eat healthily and feel full at the same time, which will be a benefit to you for the rest of your life.
Surpass Traditional Workouts
Otto Chan – TVB actor
Otto first knew about MENCE when he was auditioning for Mr. Hong Kong in 2006. As a fitness instructor, he was shocked by the fact that he managed to achieve his desired body shape in three weeks by undergoing our body management programs, something that he had not been able to achieve despite 5 continuous years of traditional workouts.

In 2007, he was injured during a martial arts shoot and became bedbound for two weeks causing him to gain substantial weight. Having gone to MENCE regularly for 2 months after his recovery, not only did his body fat percentage drop from 20% to 15%, he also gained 3.2kg of muscles with a body more toned than ever.
MENCE can help you return to your most ideal and confident self!