Our Belief
We all deserve to be happy and healthy no matter which stage of life we are at, while professional body weight management and skin care are the key to one’s health, confidence and charism. Will in return bring us the most important thing of all – happiness. With this belief, MENCE has been committed to develop and perform effective face and body treatments, through investing in the latest innovative technology since 1980.
Our History
MENCE was found in 1980, over the past years, MENCE has successfully transformed over 100,000 clients, for achievement young appearance, balanced and healthier body, with exclusive advanced technology. Our leading position in the beauty industry can be reflected by the frequent coverage by the media and the numerous awards and prizes.
MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP)
The MENCE Non-invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP) program can help you increase muscle gain through passive exercise – way more effective than traditional workouts. It also reduces both the number and sizes of fat cells, giving a long-lasting effect with low risk of rebound.

Scientifically proven in its effectiveness in muscle gain, weight loss, lowering BMI, and improved health, our MNOP can help you achieve your ideal body figure with ease.
Create-Six-Pack program (CSP)
The CSP of MENCE utilizes technologies designed to increase muscle density to help each client achieve a toned six-pack with maximum comfort and safety.

While improving the metabolism of the body, the program also trains multiple muscle groups, which is way more effective than traditional workouts.
Surpass Traditional Workouts
Otto Chan – TVB actor
As a fitness instructors, Otto first knew about MENCE when he was auditioning for Mr. Hong Kong in 2006. He was shocked by the fact that he managed to achieve a great body in three weeks just by performing traditional workout routines while undergoing our programs.

In 2007, he got injured during a martial arts shoot and became bedbound for two weeks. This caused him to gain substantial weight. Within 2 months of his revisit of the programs of MENCE, not only did his body fat percentage dropped from 20% to 15%, he also gained 3.2kg of muscle mass. With a body more toned than ever, he managed to speed up his recovery from his injuries, which would have taken another 6 months to heal.
MENCE can help you return to your most ideal and confident self!