There are three main reasons clients require our help in chest toning:

Lack of muscles
Using advanced technology, we increase the muscle mass of your chest region to make the pectoral lines more visible.

Accumulation of fat
We will first help our clients soften the excess fat. Then we get rid of it via lymphatic drainage. Finally, we will use our machinery to train the muscles underneath.

Relaxation of pectoral region due to aging
We utilize advanced technology to restore the collagen within the dermis, thus restoring the skin elasticity, while increasing the muscle density. This results in tightened chest muscles.
* Individual results may vary
Why should we train our muscles?
High muscle mass relative to body size is associated with better insulin sensitivity and lower risks of diabetes and obesity. The more muscle mass you have, the more glucose you can dispose of in response to insulin and store as glycogen inside muscles instead of storing them as fat.

With our programs, diet recommendations and adequate exercises, you can achieve improved metabolism and long-lasting weight loss.

Strong muscles can also help maintain bone density and is a significant factor in preventing osteoporosis.