MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention
Conventional exercises can only achieve limited levels of weight loss. On the other hand, our exclusive MENCE Non-invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP) program can increase your muscle gain through passive exercise, as well as reduce the number and size of fat cells in your body – way more effective than regular exercises.

MNOP has a variety of options to accommodate your personal needs, including training specific muscles, frequency and duration of program sessions. Accompanied with our diet recommendations and adequate workouts, you can easily achieve a toned body in the most convenient, time-saving and comfortable way.

* Individual results may vary. Require proper diet and adequate exercises.
What is ‘passive exercise’?
In human bodies, electrical signals are sent out by the brain to command different bodily functions. MENCE employs technology of EMS to generate various electrical signals to simulate the body conditions during workout, hence stimulating the growth of muscles.

Compared to traditional workouts, passive exercise is more effective at achieving increased muscle mass, on top of avoiding bodily stress and risk of injuries. Also, the strengthened muscles can improve blood circulations. This makes MNOP particularly suitable for people who struggle to find time to exercise, and those that lack the strength or muscles to perform intense workout routines.

As you undergo our program and follow our diet recommendations, you can easily achieve your targets without starving yourself and enjoy benefits that last a lifetime.
Innovative technologies surpass the limitation of traditional workouts
Want to lose weight and gain muscles in the most effective and comfortable way? Come to us!

MENCE has utilized its innovative technologies and helped over 200,000 clients in achieving their ideal body figures.
Secret to good health and long life
Wu Fung – HK famous celebrity
It is a mainstream belief that “Old means Obsolete” – that as you age, you will have to suffer from illness, the 3-highs and deterioration of your body. But in reality, a toned and healthy body is not exclusive to the young.

“Ever since I have been receiving the MNOP and SRP programs, MENCE has helped me achieved a healthy and youthful body from the inside out. Even in my 80s, I have more than enough energy to handle the stress from the constant shootings of TV series and commercials!

I believe that if you would let go of your doubts and give the patented technologies of MENCE a try, you too can lead a healthy and happy life like me!”
* Individual results may vary
The Patented MNOP is suitable for people who:
- Wants to get rid of their belly in a healthy way
- Wants to get a six-pack in a fast, safe and comfortable way
- Tried various methods and workouts for weight loss with no results
- Unable to exercise due to weight and body issues
- Have excess body fat
- Have saggy skin and muscles
- Unable to exercise due to tight work schedules.
- Unable to exercise due to injuries.
- Wants to speed up their post-surgery/injury recovery.
- Wants to strengthen their exercising performance
- Wants to improve their overall health and fitness.
- Have 3-highs and other health problems
* Individual results may vary