Maintained a fit body for 15 years
Hawick Lau – famous actor
Hawick has kept his perfectly toned body for 15 years. Thanks to the help of MENCE, he has achieved reduced body fat, increased muscle mass, and improved blood circulation. By following our diet recommendation and performing simple exercises for 15 to 30 minutes every day, he never has to worry about losing his toned body again.
With our MNOP, you too can achieve a long-lasting toned body.
* Individual results may vary
Secret to good health and long life
Wu Fung – famous celebrity
It is a mainstream belief that “Old means Obsolete” – that as you age, you will have to suffer from illness, the 3-highs and deterioration of your body. But in reality, a toned and healthy body is not exclusive to the young.

“Ever since I have been receiving the MNOP and SRP programs, MENCE has helped me achieved a healthy and youthful body from the inside out. Even in my 80s, I have more than enough energy to handle the stress from the constant shootings of TV series and commercials!

I believe that if you would let go of your doubts and give the patented technologies of MENCE a try, you too can lead a healthy and happy life like me!”
* Individual results may vary
Secret to remaining 25 years old
Alan Tam – famous singer
“Principal Tam” has remained energetic over the years, and his secret for maintaining his youth is the MNOP of MENCE. By simply laying down comfortably, he has achieved results way better than by exercising and without stress – two birds with one stone.

Surpass Traditional Workouts
Otto Chan – TVB actor
As a fitness instructor, Otto first knew about MENCE when he was auditioning for Mr. Hong Kong in 2006. He was shocked by the fact that he managed to achieve a great body in three weeks just by performing traditional workout routines while undergoing our programs.

In 2007, he got injured during a martial arts shoot and became bedbound for two weeks. This caused him to gain substantial weight. Within 2 months of his revisit of the programs of MENCE, not only did his body fat percentage dropped from 20% to 15%, but he also gained 3.2kg of muscle mass. With a body more toned than ever, he managed to speed up his recovery from his injuries, which would have taken another 6 months to heal.
* Individual results may vary
Yanick-Professional Model
Being a model, I cannot stand myself gaining over 20 pounds of weight, belly and double chin during my 2-month food trip to Hong Kong, because that will greatly affect my modeling career. But a friend introduced me to MENCE and I am very surprised that my original healthy figure came back after a month’s treatment!
* Individual results may vary