Skin Rejuvenation Program (SRP)
Side effects from injections, Botox, and other beauty operations – such as stiffen face and saggy skins – are not unheard off.

Being the world’s first organic and natural skincare technology, the Skin Rejuvenation Program of MENCE can tackle these problems.

• First Swiss-patented beauty technology in Hong Kong
• Patents registered in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are testimonies to its safety and effectiveness
• The world’s only technology capable of complete pore shrinkage, surpassing even stem cell technologies
• It can rejuvenate skins without preservatives, additives, fragrances, colorings and antibiotics in highly personalized programs
• Non-invasive, results in no scars, and no medical risks and side effects
• Clinically proven to be effective for rejuvenating skins and hair regrowth
• Simple and convenient, it will not interfere with your everyday life and work
Ever wonder why even after several laser and skin treatments, the acne issues worsen instead?
Traditional cosmetic treatments include laser dermabrasion, acid peeling, radio frequency, and injection. While these treatments could give the appearance of smoothened skin, they cause damages rather than rejuvenation. The thinner the skin, the weaker the natural protection it provides. The results are sensitive skin with damages that take up to 6 months to recover – all for only temporary results.
Acne is an inflammation caused by a large number of anaerobic bacteria, which are very toxic and damaging, and erodes deeply into our dermal layer until the wound is unable to recover by itself.
Case 1 – Mr N and 10 years of acne issues
Ever since puberty, N has been struggling with serious acne issues, which ended up in many acne craters on his face. With a busy work schedule, N never had time to even attempt to fix the craters.

N personally did not prefer any therapies that could hurt his skin, such as dermabrasion. But after knowing that SRP is a completely natural and non-invasive therapy, requiring periodic application once a month only, N embraced the concept and did SRP for the very first time. After the first therapy, the acne craters and skin texture had greatly improved and N looked younger in general with a "cleaner" face.

Impressed by the great progress after only the first SRP therapy, N was motivated to take good care of his skin by repeatedly performing SRP therapy once a month and carrying out daily skin care routines.

After 5 SRP therapies, the majority of the acne scars on the outer layer had been smoothened, while the pores had become finer.

It would still take some time for the acne scars in the dermis to repair themselves, as SRP is a cell re-proliferating process.
Case 2 – Repair for serious scars
SRP has rich clinical experience in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. And according to professional doctors, SRP can be used to heal scars resulted from burns.

The client of this case suffered from increased scars and rough skin after getting burned 2 years ago.

After 7 months of monthly application of SRP, the skin has shown obvious improvement from scar and roughness. Although it would be impossible to completely reverse the damages done to the skin, the rejuvenation has already given so much comfort and hope to our client. The process is much more comfortable compared to the pain of surgical skin grafting, taking antibiotics and other treatments.

Please understand that SRP is not a medical procedure for curing burns, but a beauty one for clearing the scars left behind.

After applying SRP, you can proceed to your daily routine such as showering the next day.
Case 3 – Revitalization of skin
Mr. F travelled all the way from Japan to HK for SRP in an attempt to fix his acne scars, which were scattered across his cheeks.

The entire single SRP program, including recording and applying SRP, only took Mr. F 60 minutes, and it was simple and comfortable for him.

Upon finishing SRP, neither was his skin inflamed nor puffy. It was hard to tell if Mr. F has even had a cosmetic procedure. It was as if a thin layer of egg whites had been applied onto his face.

After the program, Mr. F had to wait for a month to enable his skin to naturally repair its acne craters.

After 3 monthly SRP programs, Mr. F's skin texture had greatly improved; the skin is smoother and firmer, and has more refined pores.
*** All the above cases are authentic and are not sponsored cases***