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As Hong Kong's population continues to age, the health of the elderly has become a major concern. In view of this, the founder of MENCE, Ms. Mence Tsoi, established the "Winning Sage Caring Fund" in 2013, hoping to promote the health of the elderly through the provision of leading technology and public education, and to raise the community's awareness of the well-being of our "senior citizens".


Winning Sage Caring Fund

Everyone "wins" when an "elderly" is "happy". At the individual level, the elderly can have a healthy and happy life; at the family level, family members can reduce stress and promote a harmonious family; at the community level, the pressure on public medical and nursing resources can be reduced, thus creating an all-win situation; this is the purpose of the "Winning Sage".


We believe that we can be healthy, happy and beautiful at all stages of life. Studies have found that muscle is the “second heart” of the human body and muscle loss is the main cause of aging. The natural loss of muscle with age, coupled with the lack of exercise, increases the rate of loss and accelerates the aging process. Therefore, maintaining muscle mass is an important way to stay young and healthy. By organizing different activities, we provide an opportunity for "old friends" to learn about the importance of maintaining muscle mass and to get in touch with more like-minded people, to share interesting stories about each other's lives, to expand their social circles, to maintain a cheerful state of mind, to achieve physical and mental health, and to live a beautiful life.

We Offer "Passive Exercise" Muscle Building Techniques

The Winning Sage Caring Fund benefits from MENCE's Gerontechnology (GRT), which uses "passive exercises" to help the elderly strengthen their muscles, especially the muscles of their lower limbs, in a safe, comfortable and non-invasive manner, as strong leg muscles can prevent the elderly from falling due to the loss of balance; accelerate blood circulation, increase cellular oxygenation, enhance physical performance and slow down aging as well as help the less mobile and bedridden elderly prevent muscle deterioration and gradually improve their mobility so that the elderly can lead a fruitful life.

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