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Lower Body

Body Reshaping

Body Reshaping System (BRS) for women’s curves (breasts, bottom, arms, legs, waist and back)

Breast Enhancement

Breast is structurally composed of fat, mammary glands and mammary tissues. Research shows that among human organs, mammary gland tissues age faster than other parts of the body. Women start to experience breast aging and sagging from the age of 35. Some women's breasts swell during pregnancy and the tissues and collagen in the breasts are destroyed, resulting in sagging. At the same time, hormonal influences increase the accumulated pigmentation of the breasts and darken the skin tone.


MENCE has accumulated nearly 40 years of experience in breast aesthetics for women, and has successfully helped numerous women in regaining fullness and bounce in their breasts. By revitalizing the skin and cellular tissues of the breasts, the breasts become tender and fair, plump and firm, with perfect contours that feel comfortable, safe, youthful and confident. 

This proprietary breast enhancement technology focuses on activating breast tissues, restructuring the skin's elastic fibers and promoting collagen synthesis, thereby restoring fullness and firmness to sagging breasts. It also has a whitening formula that targets skin pigmentation on the breasts, making it fine and white.

Bottom Contouring

A woman's curves are made up of her breasts and bottom. In addition to the breast enhancement technology, MENCE has developed the Body Reshaping System (BRS), a proprietary technology for women's curves, to thoroughly reshape the bottom. We aim to bring you more confidence and charm with the most natural, comfortable, healthy and quick non-invasive method, so that your beauty will be longlasting.

Bottom Shaping (for flat bottom)

The bottom is mainly composed of the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles, which are tissues that are lost when not in use. Lack of exercise leads to the loss of muscles in the bottom, resulting in a flat and flabby appearance. If you want to have elastic and plump bottom, you need to effectively increase the density of the muscle groups there. MENCE's patented passive exercise is effective, comfortable and safe for this purpose. It helps to get rid of the flatness and sagginess, giving you a full and lifted bottom.


Removal of Cellulite (“orange peel” fats)

Bottom Slimming :

This proprietary technology is aimed at people with excessive fat in the bottom. It uses high-tech equipment to effectively eliminate the cellulite problem. It can eliminate fat cells and reduce the size of the bottom in a comfortable and safe manner. The skin of the bottom becomes firm and smooth after the cellulite is removed. 

Classes of cellulite:

Class 1: The skin looks normal, but when pinched, it appears like an orange peel.

Class 2: The skin is not pinched but the orange peel can still be seen.

Class 3: The skin shows horizontal depressions and wavy lines, but there is no fusion.

Class 4: The skin appears to be fused, with unevenness, wavy lines, fibrous bundles and fat masses.

Class 5: The skin has folds and deformation, and deep vascular problems are also present.

*Individual results may vary

Removal of Saddlebags (fats on both sides of the bottom)

MENCE's proprietary BRS technology can completely remove the excess fat on both sides between the bottom and the thighs, giving you an attractive contour that is the envy of everyone.


Postnatal Bottom Shaping

During pregnancy, women gain weight and store a lot of fat in the bottom to support and protect the fetus. Therefore, the circumference of the bottom is often much larger after delivery, destroying the elastic tissues and collagen of the bottom muscles, causing the bottom to be flabby and saggy. MENCE's proprietary technology effectively restructures the skin and muscle elasticity, promotes collagen production, and helps train the density of the bottom muscle groups. This lifts the sagging bottom muscles and tightens the sagging bottom skin, restoring the elasticity of the bottom as if you were a teenager.


The bottoms are not only an important part of our external beauty, they also support our daily life. Simple movements from sitting to standing require a lot of use of the bottom muscles. If the muscles are not strong enough, the muscles of the waist and legs are relied upon during activities, thus increasing the chance of injury to other parts of the body.

Leg Toning

More than 80% of women over the age of 20 are troubled by cellulite. In addition to obese women, women with a medium or thin body frame also tend to have cellulite. This is because women have three layers of fat in the knees and upper thighs, and nowadays women are often sedentary and seldom exercise their leg muscles, which generally slows down blood and lymphatic circulation and causes toxins and fat to accumulate easily. MENCE uses a proprietary program to efficiently reduce excess fat, decrease and effectively shrink fat cells, promote metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation, thus revealing your slim and beautiful legs.

Arm Toning

Many women have excessive fat, muscle and skin sagging problems in their arms. One of the most obvious saggy areas is the triceps flesh, which is caused by the lack of exercise in the triceps muscle. If you have an obesity problem, fat is more likely to accumulate in these saggy areas. No matter which of the above problems you have, MENCE's MNOP technology is an effective technique that reduces the accumulated fat cells and help tighten the muscles and skin, giving you a pair of beautiful arms.

Hand Rejuvenation

Aging skin on hands causes the lack of elasticity, spots or wrinkles, no matter what hand cream you apply. Now you only need 6 sessions of MENCE's exclusive hand rejuvenation treatment to effectively revitalize the skin cells of your hands, giving you back your hands that are youthful, supple and fair.

Waist Toning


The human body has three layers of muscles in the abdomen. General exercises can only train the bottom two layers of muscles (i.e., transversus abdominis and internal oblique abdominis), but not the outermost layer of muscles. Women who have given birth or have been obese suffer from more serious muscle relaxation problem and are vulnerable to different degrees of external muscle separation problems (i.e. rectus abdominis and external oblique abdominis), resulting in the phenomenon of "diastasis recti abdominis".

The non‐invasive liposuction and passive exercise in MENCE's proven healthy weight management program can improve muscle density in a short period of time, resulting in more elastic and firm muscles, as well as helping to burn fat and slim the waistline.

Real Cases


“Five years ago, I started exercising and dieting, and lost 42 pounds quickly, but there was an adverse effect on my belly, which looked like a woman who had given birth to a baby and was saggy. After the MENCE treatment, my skin tone improved.”

Back Whitening and Smoothening

Many women suffer from acne, dark marks or "bulges" caused by excess fat and muscle relaxation on their backs.


For acne and black marks: MENCE's original formula for acne and black marks effectively reaches the dermis, revitalizes the skin cells on the back, purifies and unclogs the pores, breaks down skin impurities and dead cells, lightens black marks, removes acne, blackheads and whiteheads, bringing you white and smooth back skin.


For the "bulge" problem: With MNOP technology, it effectively reduces the "bulge" of the back, reduces excess fat, lifts the muscles and firms the skin, improves the back contours, giving you a beautiful white and smooth back.

*Treatment outcomes may vary depending on client’s actual conditions.

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