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Authoritative Endorsement
“SGC Anti-aging Technology”


“Father of Hong Kong Biotechnology” Professor Yuk-Lam Lo

Professor Yuk-Lam Lo, who is known as the "Father of Hong Kong Biotechnology", believes that "SGC anti-aging technology", which is backed by scientific research, can be developed in the long run for the benefit of the people, and is in line with the policies of the Hong Kong SAR Government towards the development of biotechnology to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong in this field.


Professor Wah-Keung Tsim

Professor Wah-Keung Tsim at the Division of Life Sciences at a renowned research university in Hong Kong, said that he will support the research and development of SGC in order to further transition from his vision to "Bring Science to Life" into one that will "Bring Beauty to Life".

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