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Postnatal Body Contouring

During pregnancy, the abdominal skin expands rapidly within a short period of time, causing the dermal fibers to break down, resulting in sagging and stretch marks after delivery. In addition, due to excessive calorie intake and lack of exercise, the basal metabolic rate and blood and lymphatic circulation slow down, making it easy to accumulate fat and toxins. Due to hormonal influences, pigmentation also accumulates on the body, making the skin dull and affecting the appearance.

To help women overcome these problems easily, MENCE has developed a series of Postnatal Body Contouring (PBC) proprietary techniques for postnatal mothers to restore their slimness. We strive to provide the most natural, comfortable, healthy and quick non-invasive methods to give you youthful charm and attraction.

Postnatal Slimming

A woman is deemed to have postpartum obesity when the body weight six weeks after birth is greater than her pre-pregnancy weight by more than 10%.


The problem of postpartum obesity is addressed with the use of MENCE's MNOP technology, which rapidly reduces the number of fat cells, increases blood and lymphatic circulation and discharges accumulated toxins in a comfortable, safe and drug-free manner, resulting in a long-lasting weight loss effect and allowing you to instantly show your "S-shaped" body.

Real Case




After 2 months

“I always thought that I would become a fat housewife after I turned 50, until I met a new 53-year-old friend who looked like she was in her 30s. I decided to undergo a major transformation by using MENCE for about 2.5 months. I slimmed down by 2 inches around my belly, spleen, arms and hips. I no longer have to be a fat housewife anymore.”

Postnatal Skin Firming

Postnatal sagging is not only caused by damage to the dermal fibers, but also by the appearance of "diastasis recti". Therefore, the MENCE Intense Firming Program is needed to first repair the damaged dermal fibers, so that the abdominal skin can quickly regain its firmness and help remove stretch marks.


At the same time, together with the passive exercise technology, it thoroughly targets "diastasis recti" and helps the superficial muscles, namely rectus abdominis and oblique abdominis, which are difficult to train with normal exercise (because normal exercise can only train the underlying muscles, namely transverse abdominis and internal oblique abdominis).


This makes MENCE's proprietary technology the perfect choice for you to regain elasticity and firmness in your abdomen comfortably and quickly.

Postnatal Body Whitening and Smoothening

Due to hormonal influences, pigmentation accumulates in the underarms, chest and abdomen, affecting the appearance of the skin. In this case, MENCE's natural organic whitening formula is effective in reducing the pigmentation and making the skin white and smooth.

Within our VIP rooms, mothers can attain complete privacy in a relaxed manner, enjoying their favorite music while undergoing our treatment. You can safely and comfortably achieve a body figure more toned than ever.

*Treatment outcomes may vary depending on client’s actual conditions.

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