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A man’s source of happiness

Your stepping-stone to a man of charm and charisma

Wellness + Health
=The New Wealth

Candy Cotton

If your wish for a healthy physique and youthful appearance

 And achieve them with comfort and safety in a time-saving, hassle-free manner

MENCE can help your dreams come true

Based on our 40 years of anti-aging experience, we can help you remove the following stumbling blocks:


Do you have a hectic schedule and too many social engagements? Or suffering from “3 Highs”? Wishing for a healthy weight, but got no time for exercise?

MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP) is the leading weight management program in Asia. It is tailor-made for you to lose belly fat, gain muscle mass, remove eyebags and reduce double chin without the need for workouts or invasive procedures, and is best-suited for your weight management needs.


While you may have attained an optimal weight, do you look forward to having a firm and toned body shape?

MENCE can help you build muscles all over your body or in specific areas, without the need for workouts, to achieve the "toned muscle" effect and easily create the "six packs".


Apart from optimal weight and toned shape, do you want to have a rejuvenated look as well?

MENCE anti-ageing technology not only helps you manage your weight and shape your body, but also gives you a rejuvenated look for a healthy and happy life.

Our fans absolutely understand the underlying reasons, as they have experienced first-hand how their personal charm and charisma have risen to new level after the MENCE treatments.  They have enhanced self-confidence, broader social circles and more wide-ranging areas of interest, giving themselves a refreshed and rejuvenated image in front of friends and peers.

You can outshine your peers! You can be the best among the elite!


MENCE helps me reach new heights in my career

“Thanks to MENCE's all-natural anti-aging technology — MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP) and Skin Rejuvenation Program (SRP) use natural and green methods to help me stay fit and glowing even on days when I have no time for rest or exercise.”

Joe Ma Tak-Chung | TVB Actor 50+


Most comfortable, safe and effective anti‐aging method

“Despite being over 70 years old, I have been able to maintain my vitality, muscle tone and youthful skin because of the extraordinary results of MENCE's anti-aging technology — the MENCE Non-invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP) and Skin Rejuvenation Program (SRP), which allow me to get the benefits of exercise and skincare in a comfortable and safe way during my time off, quickly and effectively achieving the youthfulness and health that many people can only dream of, as well as a sustainable career and happy family!”


Lau Dan 70+


Woo Fung’s secret to maintain vitality and longevity

MENCE technology can bring you health and vitality; say no to illness and pain!

“Since I started using MENCE's anti-aging technology in 2004, I have been looking and feeling younger than my actual age. Even now, I am almost 90 years old and I am constantly shooting TV dramas, commercials and doing concerts, my body is still full of vitality, which is certainly a pleasant surprise! I believe that if you experience MENCE's proprietary anti-aging technology for yourself, you will be as healthy and happy as I am every day!”

Bowie Woo Fung  80+

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