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MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP)


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MNOP is well-suited for you if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Have “3 Highs” health problems

  • Lack exercise as a result of injury or busy schedule

  • Suffer from skin and/or muscle loosening / sagging problems

  • Have excessive fat in any part of the body

  • Want a more toned body shape

  • Desire for a quick and healthy buildup of “Six Pack Abs”

  • Look for accelerated healing after injury

  • Wish to improve your physical fitness and sports performance

Studies have found that chronic obesity causes fatty deposits to build up on the walls of arteries, causing them to harden. This is also known as 'silent heart disease' because it does not show any symptoms for a short period of time and the accumulation of fatty deposits narrows the arteries and weakens the blood supply to the heart and brain.

For example, in the case of people having central obesity, the lack of muscles in the legs and a "pot belly" can lead to a situation where the upper body is heavier and the lower body is lighter, which makes exercise more strenuous and causes strain on the joints of the lower limbs such as the knees and ankles and eventually leads to a reduction or even abandonment of exercise, thus increasing weight and creating a vicious cycle, which in turn leads to "three highs".

Not only can MNOP trim your excessive belly fat, it can also help you solve your muscle deficiency problem easily. Our "Passive Exercise" technology is developed to stimulate muscle cell growth through micro-currents, allowing you to build muscle in a safe, effective and comfortable manner without strain. Once you have built muscle mass with MENCE "Passive Exercise", you can easily exercise to maintain and continue to build muscle mass, creating a virtuous cycle that will greatly improve immune system functions and enhance your overall health. Act now and come to MENCE to build muscle with ease!

We will tailor-make a program for you, including selecting which body muscle group(s) to be strengthened and designing the optimal number and frequency of treatment sessions, to provide you with the most time-saving and comfortable highly personalized service.  

Real Cases


“I am a musician who likes to find creative inspiration at night when it is quiet, and people are asleep. I often sleep at daybreak, and have late-night dinners, so my weight has peaked at 203 pounds. I was recommended to MENCE by a good friend and after completing the MNOP treatment, I have lost 42 pounds, my double chin and dark eyebags have disappeared. My body feels lighter and even my previous skiing injury has gone away. I am very happy. It’s amazing!”



“I have been suffering from bulge around my waist for many years, but I can never lose it with exercise. I tried MENCE's method and it worked. After 2 months, the bulge was completely gone. It is so wonderful!”




“I can't believe that MENCE can not only reduce potbelly, but also stomach fat!”


2 months later


Professor Yuk-Lam Lo    Leading and authoritative figure in Hong Kong’s biotechnology field

“In 2005, I tried the MENCE MNOP weight management program. After 3 months, I successfully lost 23 pounds and the 3-high indicators have also improved significantly. After losing the potbelly and strengthening the muscles, my legs are less burdened and I can keep walking for 30 minutes every day to maintain my body shape and my physical strength has improved after walking, so I can go out with my family again.”

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Create-Six-Pack (CSP)
打造「六塊腹肌」技術 /Muscle Toning (MT) 增加肌肉技術





Many clients who have successfully lost weight also believe that having a muscular body is the only way to achieve a perfect body shape. The Create-Six-Pack (CSP) / Muscle Toning (MT) technology can help them to achieve their dream easily.


CSP/MT is a new and innovative method of building muscles based on advanced technology instead of workouts. It has successfully helped numerous clients build muscle mass comfortably, safely and effectively without the risk of muscle strain and injury, creating "six-pack" as well as muscles in all parts of the body to achieve a toned body shape. The CSP/MT technique is ideal for people with the following conditions to achieve perfect body contouring:


Looking beyond workouts for the perfect body contour

If you have been doing workouts for a long time, have you ever been forced to cut back on your exercise due to strain or injury, aging, or a busy work schedule, and your muscular body quickly loses its shape after (years of) the hard work? You can now use the CSP/MT technique to train your entire body or localized muscles at the same time, while simultaneously using MNOP to reduce body fat, making it easy and quick to regain your muscles and achieve a perfect body shape like never before.


Comfortably and quickly becoming muscular

For those of you who want to get rid of your skinny body frame, even if you spend a lot of time and energy on equipment exercises, you will not be able to increase your muscle mass and it will easily cause muscle fatigue or strain. Therefore, you should first choose the CSP/MT technique to strengthen muscles over your whole body or specific parts of your body in a comfortable and safe manner, so that you can quickly get the perfect “six-pack” and be envied for your “body of steel”.


Farewell “Hulk”, Welcome “Steel”

For those of you who are overweight, if you want to become a purely muscular person with a body of steel, rather than a fatty muscular person through the traditional method (exercise equipment and protein powder), you should first use MENCE's MNOP technology to reduce excess fat to a normal level, and then use CSP/MT to build muscle mass in your whole body or in specific parts at the same time, so as to achieve "six-pack" or even "inverted triangle" body shape safely and quickly.

Real Cases


“I have dreamed of having six-pack abs since I was young and have been going to the gym for many years, 3 days a week for 30 minutes each time, with some results. However, before I was able to build my abdominal muscles, I hurt my back one day at the gym and had to stop exercising. I found MENCE on the internet and thought I should give it a try. Within 2 months, I was able to get the six-pack abs I had always dreamed of and my back pain was gone, I would not have believed it if I had not experienced it myself.”



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Solving other problems caused by obesity: 
Double chin reduction

Double chin causes snoring in sleep and increases the risk of apnea syndrome

When you snore in your sleep, many people think that you are sleeping soundly.


According to studies, 60-70% of adults have the problem of snoring in their sleep ......


This is actually a potentially serious disease - apnea syndrome.


1 in 5 people who snore have this condition!


When breathing pauses for more than 10 seconds during sleep, the blood is deprived of oxygen and the body functions deteriorate.


Snoring increases the number of pauses in breathing, and the amount of oxygen taken in throughout the night is 50% less than normal!

Causes of Double Chin

Double chin develops with age or weight and is caused by the accumulation of fat, water and toxins and the relaxation of the skin and muscles around the neck. This is caused by pressure on the airway when lying down, and the fact that the muscles and soft tissues of the tongue and throat may become overly relaxed and close the airway during sleep, resulting in poor breathing. As a result, "the bigger the double chin, the louder the snoring", leading to reduced sleep quality and other serious illnesses. It is difficult to address the fatty and sagging problems of the double chin through exercise alone.

Real Cases





“I have a fat tummy from childhood to adulthood. I work in the catering industry, frequently eating and sleeping late at night. As I have also not exercised, I have a big belly and a double chin, resulting in my weight reaching a high of 218 lbs. After trying the MENCE MNOP Program, I have successfully lost 40 pounds. With MENCE, not only can I sleep easily and lose weight, I can also reduce my double chin and snoring, and I can sleep well. Everyone says I am good-looking. Now, I wake up early every day for a run, and I have stopped going out for late-night dinners to stay in shape.”

Aging causes muscle relaxation (sagging)

Treatment: Pulsed bio-current safely produces deep neuromuscular stimulation, effectively reshaping muscles and promoting the renewal of muscle and bone tissue. It also increases the ability of neurons to stimulate cells, opens up ion channels in cell membranes, improves cellular messaging, accelerates the repair of intracellular DNA and improves flaccid muscles.


Aging or excessive weight loss cause the skin to sag (increase in length)

Treatment: The perforation technique uses 3MHz ultrasound waves to effectively increase blood circulation and stimulate collagen synthesis, which helps to support the physiological mechanism of tissue restoration, smoothing wrinkles and firming the skin.


Overweight: accumulation of fat, water and toxins

Treatment: 3MHz ultrasound stimulates fibroblast activity, enhances lymphatic circulation and removes excess water and toxins from the fatty areas, resulting in the shrinkage of fat cells.


MENCE's advanced equipment improves blood and lymphatic circulation to the chin area, effectively removing excess fat, water and toxins, and tightening the skin and muscles of the chin to prevent sagging, thereby reducing the appearance of a double chin.

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Skin Lifting

The rapid loss of muscle and fat in a short period of time due to excessive dieting or over-exercising will result in the appearance of sagging skin, which will become more apparent after the age of 40 when the collagen in the skin ages.


To help those who do not want to undergo invasive surgery, MENCE has developed a skin cell activation technology that quickly tightens and lifts sagging areas on the face, abdomen, back and other parts of the body caused by excessive weight loss or aging.




Excessive fat accumulation in the chest

MENCE’s cutting edge technology helps remove the excess fat in the chests and tone the body without surgical procedures.





*Treatment outcomes may vary depending on client’s actual conditions.

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