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Skin Rejuvenation Program (SRP)

肌齡逆轉  我只信科研

MENCE 42年堅持

"純天然、高新科技、無注射、 無創"抗衰老技術                   

走在前沿科技   創生物科技護膚先河


生長群優化技術 SGC

Candy Cotton

Self-Growth Colony (SGC) is an anti-aging skin repair technology featuring purely natural cellular repair intelligence extracted from a full set of cellular protein trace elements to form a synergistic effect, which has been proven in international university trials to be effective in increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin in a way that no other technology on the market can match. The report published clinical data on SGC, which proved its effectiveness in skin rejuvenation, anti‐aging, anti‐oxidation, whitening, melanin reduction, hydration and elasticity.


Since every person's cells are different, this technique is like a "personalized" service that "awakens" your own cells to "rejuvenate" your aging skin. In fact, there are many "youthful" natural substances in our body, but as we age, these substances are reduced, resulting in various skin aging problems. With SGC's powerful cell proliferation capacity, the cells "recapture" their youthfulness, which invariably has a reverse aging effect.

Research data from a renowned university in Hong Kong confirmed that SGC has a powerful cell proliferation effect. In other words, SGC's powerful cell rejuvenation function can be used to re-inform cells and get them back on track, in order to re-grow sunken skin and control bumps from overgrowing or even receding.  

Say goodbye to the nightmare of scars with SGC's complete range of autogenous protein factors.

Pioneer Cell Technology in Skin Management
SGC (Self Growth Colony)

Four breakthroughs in medical aesthetics:

World's first self-regenerating skin technology that allows cell colonies to be "released" in the laboratory to optimize the production of high density SGC;

New technology that increases the shelf life of autologous high-density SGC, ensuring that cell growth nutrients remain highly active when they come into contact with skin cells;

First patented "non-invasive" method;

Purely autologous, with no added chemicals.

SGC — Pride of Hong Kong

Dr. Gallant Chan has personally deciphered the mystery of SGC in anti-aging. In recent years, scientists have been researching regenerative medicine, cell anti-aging technology and stem cells to improve human life, which is definitely a major trend in the future development of medicine and anti-aging. It is heartening to note that Hong Kong scientists have been ahead of the curve and have successfully applied biotechnology in anti-aging cosmetic technology, adding to the glory of Hong Kong. Dr. Gallant Chan, together with the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission Research Fund, has been conducting in-depth research on Skin Regeneration for SGC (Self-Growth Colony), and has made a breakthrough in unlocking the mystery of anti-aging biotechnology.

Your own cells are the ones you can trust the most

SGC, a Hong Kong scientific invention, has been patented in the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


SGC is absorbed through the skin without injections and no chemicals are added. Dr. Chan: "I started my research on SGC because I personally saw a very serious case of burns and after a few sessions of SGC, her skin went from hyperplastic and rough to smooth and she became happier and more confident. That was why I started my research on SGC as it turned out that medical aesthetics can help people."


Dr Chan hopes that more people will be able to share the results of SGC's research and benefit the public by using their own cells for cosmetic benefits. He also pioneered the quantification of the effectiveness of skincare products, saying, "We use sophisticated equipment to test the effectiveness of our products, and we can do a skin test comparison report at the University before and after applying SGC." Using world-class skin testing technology (Cutometer dual MPA 580, Courage + Khazaka Electronic, Koln, Germany) to compare skin moisture, tone and elasticity, it has proven to be able to achieve zero pore size. The Hong Kong people should take pride in SGC as an original Hong Kong biotechnology innovation, leveraging Hong Kong's international image and scientific validation from global universities to develop 100% natural, personalized anti-aging products.

Skin Rejuvenation’s Hall of Fame

  • Tightens pores and softens rough and uneven skin texture

  • Effectively improves sensitive skin

  • Smooths out wrinkles, such as forehead lines, worry lines, crow's feet, eye lines, nasolabial lines, mouth lines

  • Reduces eyebags, dark circles and other problems

  • Activates skin cells' self-renewal ability, replenishes collagen and improves skin elasticity

  • Improves dullness and evens out skin tone

  • Deeply locks in water, leaving the skin hydrated and plump

  • Increases skin luster

  • Firmness

  • Removes spots

Candy Cotton

Acne and Pockmarks

When the surface of the skin accumulates too much oil and dust, forming blackheads and whiteheads, it will block the pores, depriving them of oxygen and breeding acne bacteria, leading to inflammation of the pores and the formation of acne, and slow metabolism of the skin will leave acne marks, affecting the immunity of skin cells.

After acne breakouts, the dermal cells are damaged, resulting in the formation of pockmarks. Traditionally, physical methods such as injectable fillers, laser dermabrasion and radio frequency hyperthermia are used to fill in or smooth out the depressions, but injectable fillers can cause muscle paralysis and contraction, which may eventually lead to severe skin sagginess. Laser dermabrasion can cause the skin to thin, lose immunity and become sensitive.

MENCE uses natural growth factor technology to safely stimulate skin cell regeneration and soften rough and uneven skin texture.

The program uses high-tech instruments to unclog pores, eliminate acne-causing bacteria in the dermis, accelerate metabolism, enhance the immunity of skin cells, and improve the skin's ability to resist acne bacteria, thereby removing acne from underneath and preventing it from growing. It also purifies and unclogs pores, breaks down skin impurities and dead cells, lightens black marks, and painlessly removes acne, blackheads and whiteheads.

Real Cases


“I remember that I started to get acne when I was 16 years old and continued until I was in my 20s when my face was filled with pores and pimples. One day my wife took me to MENCE for "SGC", which was done once a month, and each time I saw my pores and pockmarks getting smaller and smaller. Five months later, I had my 6th treatment, and I really couldn't believe that the benefits of technology nowadays.”

“SGC technology has helped me to solve the problem of my years of pockmarks. My skin condition has improved greatly, and I feel more confident.”

Candy Cotton

Burn Scars

SGC is not a medical procedure to treat burns, but an aesthetic practice to treat the scars that remain after the burns have healed.

Real Case – burn scars 

Mr. S (a burn victim): two years after the burns, scars had grown, and the skin was rough, nodular and uneven.

“After the SGC treatments, the hyperplastic scars were thinned and the skin regenerated in a much more comfortable manner than the traditional methods of surgical implants.”

Eyebags Removal Program

MENCE's eyebags removal program improves blood and lymphatic circulation, accelerates the expulsion of moisture and toxins, removes fat around the eyebags, and tightens the skin and muscles around the eyes, thus solving the causes of eyebags.

Real Case


 “I already had dark circles and eyebags when I was in secondary school, but the older I got, the worse they became. Finally, I found that MENCE's eye treatment technology could finally solve my dark circles and eyebags.”

Candy Cotton

Facial Contour

For excessive fat and sagging muscles, technology is used to promote the circulation in the face and neck, remove the moisture and toxins accumulated in the face, and reduce fat thickness, thus eliminating the problem of "baggy face" and swelling and restoring the contour.

Real Case


*Treatment outcomes may vary depending on client’s actual conditions.

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