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Rejuvenate aging hair follicles

Grow back hair and

Bid farewell to hair loss forever

Candy Cotton

Hair Regrowth 生髮技術

The "cell growth nutrients" in the blood are the nutritional supplements for the hair stem cells, which induce cell division and accelerate cell regeneration, multiplying the growth of new hair and making old hair stronger. If the hair lacks this nutrient, the hair will gradually shrink after each renewal and replacement, gradually turning from thick to thin, from thin and long to thin and short, then becoming thin and fine again, shrinking to a white fluff that is not visible to the naked eye, resulting in the symptom of baldness that you see every day.


A fertile soil is the only way to grow strong trees. To start hair regrowth, we must improve the conditions of the soil ("scalp") where hair grows. SGC is injected directly into the microvascular hair papillae to nourish the cells of the scalp and hair roots with high quality concentrated autogenous "cell growth nutrients", replenish the hair follicles with the necessary nutrients, restore the hair growth energy naturally and quickly, and make the connection between hair and scalp stronger and less likely to separate easily. Even when faced with aging, stress, seborrheic inflammation, male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and other damages from chemicals (perming, coloring), you can still easily defend yourself against hair loss, promote hair regrowth, strengthen hair roots and make hair follicles healthier.

Real Case

“I started losing my hair in my 30's and tried hair transplants a few years ago, but in the end, I lost all my hair. At the age of 70, I still had not yet found a solution. It was not until one of my old classmates hosted a party and one of them still had thick hair that I realized that my case was salvageable. I tried MENCE Hair Regrowth and after 5 months, the result was excellent!”



After 1st Treatment

After 3rd Treatment

After 6th Treatment

*Treatment outcomes may vary depending on client’s actual conditions.

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