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Obesity is no longer a nightmare

The highly regarded MENCE MNOP

Weight Management Technology

Pioneering Leader in Asia

Brings you health and happiness in life

“We are committed to providing high-quality service from the heart, striving for the happiness and well-being of our clients.”

MENCE advocates natural beauty, and has developed a series of non-invasive, non-additive green anti-aging programs that can help you achieve a rejuvenated youthful look and toned body shape that transcend ages, enhance your personal charm, and realize a healthy and happy life.


Healthy Weight and Toned Body Shape

When you have overweight or “3 Highs” problems, you may find it difficult to lose weight simply through dieting or exercise. The good news is MENCE technologies can help you! Being the leading weight management technology in Hong Kong, our programs are suitable for people across ages and the health conditions spectrum. Our “passive exercise” technologies allow you to effectively build up muscles in any part of the body without work-outs or invasive procedures. Our programs can also help you trim excess fat, increase blood circulation and improve your fitness in a safe, comfortable and efficient way, then you can enjoy the full benefits of exercise, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Rejuvenated Appearance

MENCE’s Self-Growth Colony (SGC) anti-ageing technology has been patented in Hong Kong, the United States, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and Taiwan. It revitalizes skin cells in an organic and non-invasive way without side effects, achieving cell regeneration, effectively tightening skin and eyebags, smoothing out wrinkles, repairing damaged skin, reducing dark circles under the eyes, strongly refining pores, improving dimples and scars, and other problems. It helps the skin to achieve a radiant, refined and youthful complexion.

Real-person cases have proven that MENCE's patented cell regeneration technology not only effectively regenerates skin, but also hair, providing a natural hair regrowth effect for people with hair loss problems by directly injecting nutrients into each hair follicle, activating the autologous hair cells within the follicle cells, promoting cell division, accelerating cell regeneration, and multiplying hair growth with superb results.



Healthy and Happy, No Boundary

MENCE “Origins of Happiness” Programs

MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention(MNOP)


Create-Six-Pack(CSP)/ Muscle Toning(MT)

打造「六塊腹肌」技術 / 增加肌肉技術

Skin Lifting


Self-Growth Colony(SGC)


Skin Rejuvenation Program(SRP)


Hair Regrowth


Body Reshaping System(BRS)


Postnatal Body Contouring(PBC)


Healthy Weight Management for Youth(HWMY)




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